Environmentally Friendly Products

EnvironmentallyGP can offer a variety of solutions to help our clients reduce their impact on the environment:

Sustainable and/or Recycled Materials

Graphic Partners “house sheets” are recycled. GP sorts and recycles all waste sheets to save landfill space.

Eco-friendly Stocks

We are one of your best sources to obtain information
on new recycled or sustainable paper offerings from the mills.

Targeted Version Printing

Segregate lead lists to send the right messages to the
right groups and avoid waste.

Personalized (URLs) Web Pages

Implement the dynamics of direct mail combined with a personal URL web landing page to obtain additional data mining and immediate notification for response follow up. These highly targeted pieces help you eliminate waste by printing smaller, yet more effective, direct mail quantities.

For more info on this service see
‘Integration of Direct Mail and Personalized URLs’

GP Online Solutions

Online tool to order marketing collateral via a “shopping cart” catalog style online program and print on demand. Variable, static or inventory items can be combined to save on delivery impact.

For more info on this service see
‘Easily Accessible Procurement with GP Online Solutions’

Digital Printing and Variable Data 1:1 Marketing

Digital printing enables short-run color work. It has far less impact on the environment and uses non-toxic toner, and toner-based inks, which produce less chemical waste. Add variables to your message to address unique touch points that resonate — this enables smaller mailing quantities, yet similar response rates.

For more info on this service see
‘Variable Data with 1:1 Marketing’ and ‘Print-on-demand and Digital Printing’

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